Things To Know About A Hunter’s Knife

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There are a lot of knives to choose from these days as it is the most reliable tool when it comes to hunting or when you are outdoors. These are not your typical rambo survival knife but a trusted tool for surviving all circumstances that you have to face while you are hunting. This hunting knife should be multi-purpose it has to do much more than just killing the game. While the choice of a knife depends on your need, refer to know how to choose a knife.
When you are selecting a knife from the various options available, you should know beforehand what you are going to hunt and what you will use it for as bases on these you will have to decide on the knife and the blade.

Difference between an ordinary knife and a hunting knife:

A knife that is used for hunting, skinning, boning, etc. is called a hunting knife. The knife is designed in a way that it can be used for cutting. It has a sharpened edge only at one side, and the blade is curved. Some knives also have a curved tip which can be used for skinning and the straight part is used for slicing. There are blades with hooks called the Gut hook where you can hook the underlying game and slice it.
An ordinary knife has not got the functionality to slice, skin and debone the meat, hence a hunting knife is preferred over the ordinary ones.

Fixed or folding: Hunting knives come in either fixed or folding blade types. Although a hunting knife with a folding blade can be used, most hunters prefer the fixed blade variety.

Some of the reasons are listed below.
The fixed blade knives are sturdier than the foldable ones and hence offers more stability. You would not want the blade to close when you are deboning or skinning it.
They offer a lot of control when compared to foldable ones, and they also have a more prominent blade and hence more multi-functional which provide strength and control.
Fixed blade hunting knives are more durable than ordinary knifes.
Foldable blade knives are useful when you want a lightweight and easy to carry tool.

Clip point: This knife has edges which have a distinct point and is very thin and flat. It is multi-purpose and can be used on the campsite as well as to kill animals, dress and skin it. A clip point blade knife is a knife to consider if you are looking for an all-rounder.

Drop point: This knife is a classic hunting knife which can be used to dress as well as skin the game. Unlike the clip point knife, this cannot be used to perform camping jobs like cutting a rope. Since there is no distinct point, it is easier to skin the game using this blade without damaging the internal organs. It can also be used for gutting as the knife is very sturdy.

Skinning: These are used on big animals as the blade can dissect through the skin and separate the meat.

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