All About Floor Jack And Extensions

Floor Jack

Floor jacks have become a best friend for guys who work on the vehicle. Irrespective of the intensity of the job, they come as a rescue, floor jacks have become indispensable when it comes to vehicle service. There are many types of floor jacks such as powerzone 380044. Are you struck up with the repair of your vehicle? Browse for the solution.

Using A Floor Jack

A floor jack is inevitable for both minor repairs and major overhauls. Numerous floor jacks are available in the market for both amateur and professionals. Before buying a floor jack, it is essential to learn the basics of its ownership and safety manual before actually using them. Both new and previously used floor jacks are available in the market. We should decide based on our necessity.

Floor Jack

If you wish to work beneath a vehicle, floor jacks come to your rescue. They work on hydraulics and lift the vehicle off the ground providing you convenient access beneath the vehicle. They lift a corner of the vehicle off the ground and aids in repairing. It is used for any vehicle ranging from cars to trucks. It is used for any repair, i.e., both minor and major repairs.
Floor jacks are made of aluminum or steel. The lifting capacity of a manually operated jack goes up to 20 tons. Jacks dealing with a lower capacity is suitable to repair low-weight vehicles like sports cars.

Floor Jack And Its Uses:

As we are lifting a vehicle and work underneath, we have to be more cautious when we use a floor jack. The person working should always cover him up with proper dresses which cover him/her completely, footwear, gloves, and glasses. Check the floor jack and extension before using it. Every floor jack will be marked with recommended capacity. We should not try to lift vehicles above the prescribed capacity. Working with a vehicle which is fully loaded demands the use of jack stands in addition to floor jacks.

For safety purpose, it is recommended to work on an even surface. The emergency brake of the vehicle should be set. Read the manual to know about the right place to fix the jack. The jack should be placed under the vehicle; double-check the jack’s position before bringing down the vehicle onto the stands. After lifting the vehicle, the safety stands should be placed apart. Bring down the vehicle and place on stands and start performing the maintenance.

There are numerous floor jacks and extensions available in the market. They differ in capacity, features, colors and additional facilities. Depending on our need and usage, it is recommended to select a proper floor jack. Never replace a floor jack extension with a block of wood or steel. It is dangerous and is not recommended for the life of a person is more important than the cost of the material.

Floor jack and extensions safeguard the person working on the vehicle thereby ensure the overall safety. This is one of the best investments we make and hence, we should not compromise on the quality of the same for its cost.

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