Grow Your Consumables In A Tower Garden

Nowadays, the fruits and vegetables we buy from the markets are so contaminated with harmful chemicals and pesticides. This makes us think of growing our home garden where you can grow all the veggies and fruits that we need for our day to day consumption. Nothing beats the freshness and succulent taste of home grown fruits and veggies. But now, the next concern would be land availability. Very few of us have large yards to grow your plants. In such cases, tower gardens help to grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables. In tower gardens, you can grow food plants in an aeroponic way. You could check out the garden tower 2 reviews for more information and reviews about tower gardens. Recently, reports of people resorting to tower gardens for successfully growing food was reported on

How Tower Gardens Helps You Save Space
Tower gardens are unique ways to grow your home garden even when you don’t have a land to grow the consumables. It helps all those who are living in small homes, flats or places where land availability is a major constraint. In this, the plants are grown in a vertical method. Here, you don’t need any soil to grow the plants. Just air and water is needed. You save a lot of space by growing plants vertically. You can grow it on your roof, balcony or even patio. You don’t have to haul soil or worry about cleaning soil residues all over your balcony or terrace area. Even if you have land availability, tower gardens can help you save space and grow much more food in addition to the vegetation on land.

Besides helping to grow vegetables and fruits, tower gardens also increase the aesthetic appearance of your home. A small balcony space can be converted to an awe-inspiring, beautiful place by using tower gardening technique. This, tower gardens are the best way to produce organic food even when there are space availability issues.

The Advantages Of Tower Gardens
The first and major advantage of tower garden is the way in which it saves space. It is also much easier to do than the traditional way of growing plants on the soil. As there is no soil involved, the pest infestations on the plants are also low. Most of the insects only attack plants growing on soil. There might be occasional attacks of some small insects. But it is comparatively very low in number when compared to plants grown on soil.

Another major issue farmers face while growing plants on soil are the weeds that grow in between the plants. Removing these weeds can be quite a laborious task. In tower gardens, the possibility of weed growth is almost nil. Once in awhile, some weeds may appear, but it can be easily removed without much strain. Also, while taking care of plants grown on soil, you will have to do lots of bending or stooping for removing weeds, applying fertilizers. It can be a difficult task for those who have knee pain or back pain. In tower gardening, since the plants grow vertically, you can comfortably stand or even sit and take care of the plants.

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