Replace Your Conventional Tea With Yerba Mate Tea

Hailing from the vast interiors of South America, Yerba Mate has been used as a tea. This product of the 1500’s has recently gained popularity and many new Yerba Mate recipes for download pop up on the internet every day. The tea is made from steeping the stem and ground leaves of the Yerba plant and is traditionally served in a gourd locally called ‘Mate.’ According to, not only does Yerba Mate tea trump coffee in boosting energy and mental activity, but it also carries several other health benefits not found in more conventional teas.

People have been skeptical about Yerba Mate tea, especially those who drink regular black tea on a daily basis. Why switch from classic tea with all its antioxidant properties to Yerba Mate tea? For one, the flavor is incredible – far deeper than your regular tea. Yerba Tea has all the benefits of tea and much more. Bursting with energy, this green source tea is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. You can convert your Yerba Mate black tea into a chai by adding regular dairy milk or going for non-dairy options like almond, soy or even coconut. For those who drink their tea a little sweet, consider adding honey, stevia or coconut sugar as an alternative to processed sugar.

A high impact study was conducted to prove that Yerba Mate tea helped build strong bones. A post-menopausal and menopausal women usually suffer from osteoporosis, which makes the bones spongy. There was nearly 10% increment in bone density for women who drank Yerba Mate tea compared to those who didn’t, proving that it does help with bone deficiencies. Furthermore, this all-natural Yerba Mate tea also contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which not only protect the body from the onset of disease but also safeguard your cardiovascular system.

Since Yerba Mate tea has a high level of theobromine, it helps prevent heart palpitations, relaxes blood vessels and improves overall blood and oxygen flow. Because of this, Yerba Mate can help decrease blood pressure caused by constricted blood vessels. In fact, the better blood flow is crucial for highly active people and sports persons for persons who require a greater than normal supply of oxygen. This oxygen is supplied to the major organs and improves endurance.

A well-known favorite of Olympians and athletes around the world, Yerba Mate, is known for its ability to tune the mind and body during physical activities. For many marathon runners, it has become a staple in their diet. This is because it works beautifully as a pre-workout pep up. This fact is backed by scientific evidence that unlike coffee which gives you a solid shot of adrenaline, Yerba Mate provides a smooth energy boost throughout the workout and keeps your cognitive skills sharp as well. Another great benefit of Yerba Mate tea is that this slow release of energy keeps your stamina level high throughout the workout, meaning you’ll work out for longer. Reap the benefit of a healthier lifestyle by drinking Yerba Mate tea.

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