Why People Prefer The Use Of Filtered Water?

Water today is badly contaminated due to various reasons. There are various types of water available like tap water, bottled water, etc. People have started to drink filtered water as it is safe and free from contamination. People are unaware of the various other health benefits of drinking filtered water. Filtered water assures a healthy and environment friendly life for people. Filter water is one of the best choices that you can make for your water requirements. Turapur Water Pitcher Results helps us to know about the standard pollutants present in tap water. The link www.birminghamtimes.com/2017/12/why-drinking-water-is-important/ highlights the importance of drinking water for human beings.
The article below lists the common health benefits of drinking filtered water and the common pollutants present in ordinary water.

Common Pollutants
Some of the common pollutants that are removed by filtering the water are listed below.
Arsenic- This is a dangerous carcinogenic type chemical which is mainly removed through the process of filtration. This pollutant is responsible for the cause of several types of cancer in humans.
Aluminum-Municipal water contains aluminum and increased consumption of this unfiltered water can lead to various diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, skin problems, learning disabilities and hyperactivity in children.
Chlorine-It is a disinfecting product used for disinfecting drinking water. Chlorine, when consumed in a large amount, is harmful to your health. This pollutant can be removed through proper filtration of water.
Fluoride-This chemical helps in improving your oral health. But a huge amount of fluoride present in drinking water affects the immunity of human beings.

Facts About Bottled Water
The majority of bottled water that you get in the market is tap water. Bottled water is mostly unfiltered water and can lead to several side effects and can cause some chronic disease in people who drink them regularly. Some of the common risks associated with the use of bottled water are listed below.
· The plastic bottles are made up of a chemical called BPA which is harmful to your health.
· It causes behavioral problems and learning disabilities in children.
· It affects the immune system.
· It causes risk of various types of cancer.
· Obesity

Benefits Of Filtered Water
One of the major benefits of consuming filtered water is that your drinking water which is pure and free from the contaminants and pollutants mentioned above. There are several other health benefits of drinking filtered water. Pure filtered water helps in the nutrient absorption of your body. Drinking pure water can help in maintaining the right weight by keeping you fit. It detoxifies by the body by flushing out of the unwanted toxins present in your body. Filtered water is good for your skin. It keeps your skin hydrated, and you may feel younger. It improves your overall health.

Filtering water can also offer various benefits to your environment. The bottled water industry is thriving, and it pollutes the surrounding environment. By using filtered water, you can avoid the degradation of plastics into a dump. A lot of water is wasted during the manufacture of a plastic bottle. Thus you can prevent the above environmental damage by using filtered water. Filtered water is cheaper than bottled water. It tastes better than tap water, and it prevents you from harmful diseases.
The above are the reasons for the use of filtered water than other types of water.

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